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What are the gods?

What are the gods? I’ve been asking myself this all week. It seems that maybe what the average Greek thought the gods were has been lost to time. We’ve got countless descriptions from philosophers (the most popular from what I can tell is Sallustius’ definition) but this has become a much more personal question I think to a lot of us. I’ve come to the conclusion that to me they are the forces that work with in the universe. They are knowledge, ingenuity, the stars, night, day, death, life, justice, fire, the sea, the sun, the air, the clouds, art, and so much more. I believe they are sentient individuals in most cases and when I worship them it’s so much more about devotion and giving honor. It’s a show of thanks and it’s a celebration. When I worship Athena I’m celebrating all the things she is and the way she works on our world and it’s the same with all the gods.

The Greek gods are persons, not abstractions, ideas, or concepts; theos can be a predicate, but a divine name in the tellings of myth is a subject. We may say that the experience of a storm is Zeus, or that the experience of sexuality is Aphrodite, but what the Greeks says is that Zeus thunders and Aphrodite bestows her gifts. […] The modern historian of religion may speak of "archetypal figures of reality", but in the Greek, locution and ideation is structured in such a way that an individual personality appears has it own plastic being. This cannot be defined, but it can be known, and such knowledge can bring joy, help, and salvation.
Walter Burkert as cited in Drew Campbell: Old Stones, New Temples. (via lonelyspelltoconjureyou)

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Why do we have to ask to the gods for everything? Why can't we just do it ourselves with magic? I mean, i love the gods, but i don't think they'd like me to go around asking for stuff everytime I need something.




Hello anon!

It’s been a long time since I’ve practiced any kind of magic - since I came to Hellenismos actually. I believe it does not fit into Hellenismos, because it’s a reconstructionist religion, and in ancient Greece, that kind of control over your surroundings was something only the gods had (or the offspring of a god - e.g. Kirke in the Odyssey). In my opinion, this kind of power only comes through the divine, so I wouldn’t feel comfortable practicing it now. I’m not on the same level as the gods - I don’t want to be, and it would be hubristic for me to think I possess the power of gods.

I still use tarot cards (though not to see the future, but to understand the past and present), because divination was common in ancient times, but I have given up any practice of magic now that I’m in Hellenismos.

If you feel you need your magical practice in your religion, that’s up to you. I don’t see why you should give it up if you’re not a traditional reconstructionist.
To really answer your question (from a recon standpoint): no, we don’t have to ask the gods for everything - not everything needs to be influenced by the divine - but if you feel it’s important, then of course you should ask the gods. I wouldn’t use magic for anything, because if the gods want me to have something, they will give it to me. For me, practicing magic would be like saying the gods’ influence in my life isn’t enough.

But if you’re satisfied with the way you worship the gods (with or without a magical practice), then continue! We all have different ways of honoring them :)

See, I somewhat agree with your opinion but I also wonder if using magic/witchcraft first instead of going to the gods right off the bat could also be seen as respectful? As in, “hey I have this situation and I want to see if I can solve it myself before I bother you guys about it.” To me that’s respect. I don’t want to waste someone’s time if I can fix it myself.
still,This is just an idea I’ve grown up with since I was small, so I get if others disagree with me.
Just an idea to throw out there :)

I understand what you mean, and it’s a very logical opinion! But I think most traditional reconstructionists would agree that to use magic to influence your own life (or the lives of others), independent of the gods, is the same as thinking yourself equal to the gods. This kind of divine power should only be used by the divine.
And why shouldn’t you pray to the gods if there’s something you need in your life? In my opinion, if you worship the gods right, honor them, pour libations to them, burn incense, they won’t be bothered by the fact that you need help now and again. They know you’re human, so praying, asking them for help, is always the best option. I’ve found the gods to be very giving :)

I actually think that magick wouldn’t be against the gods at all. The only problem is that rationally it’s mostly just not real. I don’t mean to offend anyone so sorry if I do but the religion is about reason and enlightenment for instance to believe in sympathetic magick is contrary to that. I just don’t think it’s fully possible to tie someones fate to an object using their own energy to bind to your will. As others I have spoken to simply regard it as superstition. But I personally never underestimate the power of ritual and the effect it has on the mind. Spells to get over a ex for an example I think can work and be useful because it’s internal. Even if the magick isn’t real it causes a placebo effect.

I’m in need of prayer because I have fallen into a state where I have no energy, it’s as if I’m not alive anymore.

I love your blog first off, and secondly I would like your help. I would like to get a tattoo soon and I want it to be partially representative of Nyx but I can't find anything on symbols that represent her, for example Athena has the owls and obvious other symbols and Apollo the harp and Zeus lightning

Thank you. Nyx is very mysterious and elusive. I can’t think of any symbols off the top of my head. I’m sorry I feel awful about not being able to answer this. I would appreciate it if any of my followers know of any symbols of Nyx to help out.

Hi. I'm not very good with keeping up on rituals and stuff. Would you consider it a necessity to do rituals? Or is prayer and such enough?

I think it is necessary to do rituals daily. It’s a matter of devotion and piety. You shouldn’t do a huge elaborate ritual everyday but thanks and a small offering is good enough I think. It’s important to me at least to do something small everyday that I am able too. If there is something keeping you from doing the rituals like parents or any type of house rules you should just do small things when you are able too.

My first experience….

My first experience with the gods was when I was an eclectic neo pagan. I had been doing research on Hellenismos for the first time, at first I didn’t think anything of the religion it was just one of many countless religions I was studying. At that point in my life aside from very strange occurrences with possibly fairies that I can’t fully comprehend or understand what had happened (I may have been hallucinating about the fairies) I had no contact with a god or goddess or anything supernatural really.  One night I went to sleep and I had a vivid dream I was in the Elysian fields with Dionysus and Persephone standing before me. They spoke to me in a language that I’ve never heard before (I’m pretty sure it doesn’t exist) but I understood in general that it was a calling. When I woke up I did further research on Hellenismos. Later I would find out that those two gods had very special significance with the underworld in the Orphic tradition which was proof enough to me that the gods were real. This was my first and last time I was visited by a god in that way as these occurrences I believe happen rarely. It was what started me on the path of Hellenismos.